We Offer Custom Services To Meet Your Needs

  • Circuit Board Design & Assembly

    ● PCB Layouts ● Circuit Design ● Component assembly

In addition to superior PCB design services, we also speed up our turn around times by hand placing components before re-flowing the solder.

  • Custom Programming

    ● Experience with TI, Freescale and Atmel MCUs ● PLC ladder logic ● Touch screen HMI

We have experience with many embedded processors. Whether lower level programming in c#, or high level ladder logic - we can provide a solution.

  • 3d Design & Modeling

    ● 3d rendering ● Proof of concept designs ● Parts and full assemblies

Sparrow Design is able offer years of experience in the design modeling arena. We offer comprehensive design services tailored for any budget.

  • Rapid Manufacturing for Protoypes

    ● 3d Printing & CNC machining ● Product sourcing ● Prototype assembly

We enjoy making proof of concept models. We also enjoy sourcing parts and materials suitable for small product runs.

We develop in-house as much as possible.


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