Mobile App Development

  • Start with IOT hardware

    Use your own custom MCU board, development board or PLC. If you don't have one yet, our design services will help to develop a solution.

  • Modify firmware

    If a communication API doesn't exist, Sparrow Design will assist you in modifying your firmware to communicate with your new mobile app.

  • Create an app that's ready to deploy

    Our design services will create an IOS and Android app that will interface with your hardware. Our apps are ready to deploy on the App store and Google Play

Smart Apps for Smart Devices

Sparrow Design provides all the tools you
need to get your product working quickly!

Demo App for Triangle Research

Wifi Controlled PLCs

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We make IOT Apps!

Internet of Things: Both hardware and software development

Want to display Data?

● Desktop Web apps

● Mobile web apps

● Completely white label

● Responsive UI

IOT App for CleanBlu

CleanBlu Connect

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Custom web dashboards to display your data.

  • Make them accessible only on your local computer, local network, or anywhere over the internet
  • Optionally username/password protected
  • Optionally incorportated into the back end of your website